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Phoning it in

December 31st, 2014

The-Simpsons-s11e11-Faith-OffThis will be a short post, really an end note to 2014 and a thought with which to start 2015. I’ve actually been meaning to write this since early November, but…life. What inspired me to think of this post, and inspired me in general, was a concert. Every year, schedule permitting, I go to New Orleans at the end of October for a 3-day festival called Voodoo Fest. The venue is great (New Orleans City Park), the weather is usually jus spectacular, the lineups have been consistently good, and you are of course in NOLA, which doesn’t suck. This post really has nothing to do with Voodoo Fest, per se, but I caught a show that made a deep impression on me. That show was the Foo Fighters, who I happen to be a big fan of. Now, whether you like the Foos or not, that really isn’t the point. What matters here is the incredible zeal these dudes put into their show, when they could easily just show up and perform, then leave. Dave Grohl and crew got up on stage and proceeded to blow everyone’s minds for hours, actually playing until they were forced to stop. They enjoyed the hell out of themselves, and gave the crowd everything they possibly could.

At this stage of Dave Grohl’s career, he could phone it in. Easily. But…he didn’t. Not even CLOSE. And it got me to thinking…am I phoning it in in my career? Are others? Looking at how hard I’ve been working the last few years, I’d say no, from a pure work ethic. But then I asked myself…what else could I be phoning in, in the scheme of my life and career? And I realized…I wasn’t trying nearly as hard at a few things that are important to me. Music, for one – I’ve been a musician since I can remember, and haven’t been playing much. Learning some languages I want to learn, finally setting up that kick ass vintage Commodore 128 I bought a year ago, etc. These are all just personal things, of course, and it’s easy to find them going on the backburner. But in my career? I realized I wasn’t branching out as much into new areas, finding stuff that I didn’t know about at all and exploring different ideas and topics, etc. Riding my laurels? No, not really…but not being as inquisitive or curious as I had been in the past. Some of that’s symptomatic of being insanely busy. But I can do a bit more, and I realized I missed it. I’m not phoning it in…but I damn sure don’t want to wake up sometime in the near future and realize I have been.

So, my friends, for 2015, take a good hard look at where you’re at, where you’ve come from, and where you are going…and don’t forget to think about where you want to go, too. Are you wallowing in the quagmire of compliance and want to get out to a more technical role? Do you aspire to security management or leadership? Want to learn a totally new skill…just because it’s interesting and different? We can all continue to grow and improve at any age, whether we’re talking career, fitness, relationships, etc. This is your chance to ask whether you’re phoning it in, and if you are, get off the bus. There’s so much opportunity out there in our field, you can do whatever the hell you put your mind to. And I hope you will.

Happy New Year, and here’s to a rocking, kick-ass 2015!


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  1. Mehdi
    January 1st, 2015 at 14:20 | #1

    As promised in DC, I absolutely disagree with his post.
    That being said, you just wrote eloquently what I have been pondering about this past 2 years. My back-burner has a back-burner. Enuff said.
    Is this the 40? i guess I reached that age where some major self reflection is required. Bottom line is that I might not be phoning in but I am not sure I still have the required energy. Infosec is one of the most demanding field I know of.

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