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The More Infosec Changes, the More it Stays the Same

February 14th, 2017

I took a full year off from blogging. It felt wonderful. Time to get back to being my ranty self, though, so I’m kicking off 2017 in style, at RSA in San Francisco.

This will be a short post.

It’s amazing to me, that in all this time in the industry, we have the exact same scenarios (in albeit different ways) that we did 10 years ago.

Passwords everywhere, just killing us.

Massively insecure software development from vendors – now it’s the IoT, of course, but just terrible practices.

Vendors making insane claims that are just laughable.

Companies not fixing the most basic of security issues. Consistently.

There’s so much to talk about, and yet nothing to talk about…we’re really saying the same things we’ve been saying for many years. The bigger question is WHY things are the same. It’s easy to be cynical, and laugh it off with peers in the industry. But this is turning into a real mess, and quickly. Something’s got to give.

I’ll be writing weekly from here on out. Turns out, I’ve missed it.

If you’re at RSA this week, say hi!

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