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Quick thought: RSA next week!

February 26th, 2010

I have been insanely underwater for the last 2 weeks, so haven’t posted anything despite my best intentions. I am still buried, but wanted to post a short note about RSA next week. I will be there all week, and I’m looking forward to meeting up with everyone. I am still planning my agenda in terms of specific talks to attend, but at first glance there’s some awesomeness, and here’s what I want to check out just in terms of topics:

  • Data breach lessons learned: We need more “from the trenches” stories and data, and I personally will be looking for more of these.
  • Shifts in security technology: In particular, advances in DLP and movement toward application whitelisting and away from traditional “blacklist” AV.
  • Advances in virtualization and cloud: I would like to see some good, definitive solutions and thoughts here this year instead of mostly hype. I think I will, since I know things are progressing in the industry.
  • New directions in compliance and privacy/breach notification: Just to keep up, more than anything.

I’ll also be scouring the vendor area for good info, too – last year was wretched. Just nothing new or interesting that grabbed my attention, not to mention the lack of people at the conference in general.

See you there!

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