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Weekend Round-up: Google Issues and a Sad-but-True Comic

February 2nd, 2009

Well, the weekend was not without PANIC (!!) and CONSTERNATION (!!). Saturday morning found me sitting at my desk, getting a little work done, and needing some information from the Oracle of the Internet. Looking for some info on Cisco switch commands, I was presented with a list of search results that were <GASP> all infected!!!

Imagine my sheer horror. The Internet was surely coming to a complete halt. Some evil mastermind had taken over all sites on the Web. Game over. To console myself, I went to Twitter to see who I could complain to at this early hour, and found that others were experiencing the same problem, albeit with a slightly lowered panic quotient. Hmmmm….the problem ACTUALLY could be Google, not a widespread evil plan to overthrow the Internet. Fast forward an hour, Google was operating just fine again. Thank Goodness!

The moral of this blurb: I am a pathetic little man. Losing Google for one hour actually caused me some frustration. You may not cook it in a spoon and inject it, or smoke it in a little glass pipe, but Google has successfully accomplished the Internet equivalent of addicting people to drugs. Ouch.

The next comment from the weekend is about a great old comic I saved from 2006 in Computerworld. I couldn’t find it anywhere online, so I scanned it in (apologies if it’s a little grainy, tried to keep it small). Given that my name is, well..Dave, I absolutely love this one. Just remember, folks, every time you connect to a WiFi hotspot you don’t recognize, God kills a kitten.


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